Thursday, August 27, 2009

Starting from scratch... Again!

I know. I'm so fickle. I am very particular when it comes to naming things, which is why I don't usually title my pieces. I feel a title can either add or take away from a piece. Any title given to my artwork is most often a title descriptive of that piece so that I can identify it myself. Simple, to the point, and not leaving everything untitled, which also drives me crazy. For example, this piece is call "The Way" for obvious reasons.

Anyways... When it comes to something as involved and longterm as a blog, I like having a title that not only means something to me, but is something that sits right with me everytime I see. The title for my personal blog, Better Is One Day, has stuck with me since freshmen year of college. And I am still fond of the title today. That is how I want to establish my professional blog as well. It's something people are going to be familiar with when they visit my blog, and something I'll have to see every time I update.

As much as I enjoyed the meaning behind the previous title of this blog, I just haven't been crazy about it. And so, onward to discovering a new name. A name that is both professional and meaningful.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Portraits and Sketches

Graphite drawing of my sister's friend. This took me forever to work on. It became the little thing I'd work on in my spare time. It doesn't really feel quite done to me, but the paper has lost a lot of its tooth for some reason, so I can't get the darks I wanted. Either way I'm ready to move on to something else. Gonna try to do some little portraits of family members when I can.

I used to not be that interested in doing portraits, but I'm actually quite fond of them these days. It's like I get to show a piece of myself in someone else, to take special care of ever single feature of their face as if it were the most important thing I could possibly do in a single moment. There's also something fantastically gratifying about doing a portrait of someone without them knowing about it. When they see that you chose to draw them, of all people, there is a humble, yet flattered and excited, vibe they give off. It's so rewarding.

These two I did last night. Sketches from pictures I took in Vermont.