Sunday, September 30, 2012

F: Fall

What's not to love about the fall (Okay, fine.  The pending frigid weather to come and the cold, rainy days are not all that much to get excited about)?  Comfy pants and long sleeves come out, delicious and festive foods are made, the leaves change their color, and all those pesky summer bugs take a hike.  It's a great time for taking walks, for drinking tea, and for getting excited about the plethora of festive holidays coming.

I for one am excited for all of them this year.  Perhaps that is because Adam and I finally bought our own house, and the new ability to have company over thrills me to the bone.  I've got all these ideas for parties I want to throw and food I want to make.  But I guess I need to slow down and portion myself to only small outbursts of excitement.  One thing at a time.  I'm already getting overtired trying to do too much.

As for an art update... I've been hanging in there.  Working 50 hours a week as a nanny, but still making time for wedding invitations on the side.  I designed all the stationary for my friends' September wedding, and finished my cousin's invitations just today.  My cousin's were sort of last minute (she's getting married in a few weeks), but I did them as a wedding gift and had so much fun making them.  I got to do a fall theme, which got me even more in the mood for fall.

And yet, my most exciting update is that I finally have my own studio space now!  And not the small room I thought I was getting, which would have been perfectly fine.  We couldn't get our roommate's box spring to fit up the stairs, so now we're all living downstairs (right next to the bathroom), and I get to have the biggest room in the house!  I've got room for all of my stuff after all these years.  There are plenty of built-in shelves and drawers, too.  Ah... my new favorite place to be.  I'll try to get up some pictures this week.