Saturday, December 31, 2011

C: Celebrating...?

I had major plans for the letter C.  But the last 3 months (I could even say the last year and a half) have been rather... how shall I put it... chaotic.  In the midst of youth ministry, art ministry, work, wedding commissions, promotional illustrations, the holidays, and the like, I have found very little time for myself.  Little time to enjoy my own creative passions.  Little time to read.  Little time to even socialize much with friends outside of business-like settings.  Blogging, especially, has taken the farthest backseat possible to the rest of life's priorities.

You should know that I desperately wanted to create a charcoal piece for this post, as it is one of my favorite mediums.  I may have even chosen clouds as my subject matter, for they are another favorite "C" of mine.  However, with the New Year soon approaching (about 25 minutes to go), I felt it time to move ahead with this alphabet thing.  So here are some New Year's goals, alongs with some favorite C's.

New Year's Goals:

1. Put less on my plate so that I can enjoy life once in a while, not just stress myself through it.
2. Try to make homemade paper (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
3. Finish my still life (I started it in September... it's seriously gathering dust now).
4. Look into the professional benefits of having a Twitter account (I have been avoiding the idea all together, but am questioning lately if it would be a useful networking tool).
5. Start exploring more useful, homemade craft ideas.
6. Do the small, personal commission I was given earlier this year.
7. Read the whole Bible in a year (this is the hardest one ever...).
8. Work with paper mache again.
9. Create more wedding stationary samples to show future clients.
10. Read all the books that people have let me borrow!

Favorite C's:

- Clouds
- Charcoal
- Christmas
- Cheese
- Creativity
- Cooking
- Craft Stores
- Celebrations
- COLOR!!!