Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What's in a name?

The moment you've all been waiting for (maybe)... a new blog name! I really had a hard time coming up with names I thought suitable, and ones that I could possibly find myself liking for a long time. And so, a vote is in order. I will go over all the choices here, then find a way to add a poll. I think blogger has that option around here somewhere. Here we go...

Alyssa Joy's Art Blog - This is pretty straight forward, to the point, and includes everything you need to know about this blog in that professional sense. It also follows close to the url address, alyssajoyart.blogspot.com. Not that that's completely necessary, but it's there.

The Colors of Joy - This is more on the clever side of telling you what this blog is. A bit of play on words. "Colors" referring to something visual and/or aesthetic, while "Joy" can refer either to the emotion or to my name, Alyssa Joy. So this title also includes a what and who, in a sense.

Creative Joy - Like the previous one, a unique play on words. "Creative" suggesting originality of thought or expression, and "Joy" being the emotion of great delight. Together these words can mean different things: the delightful satisfaction ones finds when taking part in the creative process; or again, that play on words referring to the creator of this blog. I think both interpretations are appropriate, as with the previous title.

What do you all think? If you have other suggestions I'll take them. alyssajoyart@yahoo.com


  1. I voted "other" because I think it should be "The Joy of Illustration"

  2. Thank you, Michael! For voting and for submitting an idea. Surprisingly, I hadn't even thought of playing with the word illustration. Perhaps subconsciously, I didn't want to limit myself to just being an illustrator, but I suppose being more specific can be a good thing.

  3. From your comment on my blog I think you're right and you shouldn't limit yourself to just illustration. Maybe something like "Creating Joy" rather than "Creative Joy" because you're drawing, crafting, doodling, illustrating what makes you happy. And on the other hand it's also your personal experiences and growth as an artist.

  4. Hahah people who aren't following our conversation, so everyone else, must think we're a little cuckoo.
    But that does make sense! And Creative Joy does work on both levels, but I find "creative" is a little too presumptuous even if you are creative. Maybe "Joy of Creativity" or something or maybe "Inspired Joy"?

  5. Okay, well, not to intrude on the ongoing "what about this?" conversation but...out of the three choices, I find Alyssa's forget-the-rest-of-the-title to be a big too static and somewhat forgettable (see above). Creative Joy seems...like it's trying too hard, I guess. So, I vote The Colors of Joy. It's refreshing, real, and another r-adjective that compliments. Not just because it's the best of the three available but because I like it in its own right.

    And there you have it.