Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Batch of Bagels

Today's bagel endeavors did not go as well as I had hoped. Instead of doing four bagels, like the first time, I braved a batch of twelve in hopes that I could share them with the ladies at bible study tomorrow. I even tried a couple cinnamon raisin, sesame, and poppy seed bagels. Well, I'm pretty sure I need a bigger kitchen before I do that many again. When I got to the baking part, there just wasn't enough room in the oven for two trays to fit on one rack. So, I figured I could just put them on different racks and that they'd be okay as long as I switched them after I flipped the bagels. Apparently, that was a bad idea. The bagels on the bottom rack got quite toasted. I still flipped them and switched racks, but I cut down the time a little for the second half of baking. So yeah, they seem to be a little crispier than desired, but we'll see. Maybe they still came out okay... I'll at least bring in the not-so-toasted ones tomorrow. Adam and I can feast on the rest. :)


  1. Oh my gosh. Where do you live. I'll have the one on the top left...I'm comin' over. ;0
    ~ Wendy

  2. Ha ha! I'll bring them with me tomorrow and you can take your pick.