Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wedding Whirlwind

This is an overview of the design work I did for my brother-in-law's wedding. Remember that wave of busyness I mentioned last post? Well, this was only part of it. For the sake of privacy, I blocked out people's last names.

The Invitation: Inside( left); Back (top right); Front (bottom right)

Reply Card

Wedding Program: Front (left); Back (right)

Shower Invitation

It's kind of amazing that so much work goes into the preparation for one day. Invitations, showers, dress shopping, flowers, finding a venue... So much planning and coordinating! And then, when it's over, it almost feels like it didn't happen. Months of work gone in what seems like only a few hours. What a blur! I thought it would have been less of a blur since it was not my wedding, but perhaps when one is a part of something that wonderful and thought out, one ought to expect it to go by fast.

Anyway, congratulations to Ben and Meghan! May they have a long, happy and blessed marriage!


  1. I was pleased with all of the above ,you did such a nice job. thank you so much! I just need to find my copy of the wedding program I didn't get a chance to do the madlib.
    Heather (mother of the bride)

  2. Thanks Alyssa!!!! You did an awesome job!! :) You should go into business for weddings. Seriously.

    Putting this as Anonymous, cause that's the only way I know how, but it's Meghan