Thursday, January 5, 2012

D: Double Indemnity and Design

The last few months, as I've said, have included a lot of various things on my plate.  Many of which have been art-related.  The above image was a voluntary illustration I did for The Dark Pages, a bi-monthly newsletter put out by a group of film noir lovers.  I was introduced to it by one of the customers at the grocery store where I work.  He is one of the contributing writers of the newsletter.  He said that it would be wonderful to have some good talent contributing to it in the area of artwork, and that although I wouldn't be paid, it might be a way for me to get some exposure.  This illustration was the result: acrylic ink on illustration board.  It was inspired by the film, Double Indemnity, which was the newsletter group's film of choice for the issue.

While I enjoyed the film and a chance to get my name out there, after seeing the printed issue in person, I'd have to say I was not thrilled.  I just felt like the print quality of all the included images was lacking, and the overall design and layout out the newsletter itself was static and un-intriguing.  My illustration, while neat to see in a magazine-like context, was washed-out looking.  Overall, while fun to contribute to something like this, I feel it will not be truly conducive to showing the world what I'm made of as an artist.  It just didn't do my artwork justice, nor did I get the feeling that people might actually see it.  But, at least I got a nice little illustration out of all this.

Also... I've been designing wedding invitations for friends and family.  I have been developing a deeper love for design throughout the process.  The other night, I actually had some time to myself. When I didn't have the option of working on other commissions or priorities, I grabbed the laptop and started designing a sample wedding.  I want to eventually do more of this so that I can have samples to show brides and grooms.  I enjoyed picking out a theme of color and subject matter for this "playtime" of mine.  Maybe, at some point, I'll even put together a live sample of these designs in action.  Who doesn't like butterflies, anyway?

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