Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New Beginning

Patio Chairs

Sometimes I like to start fresh when new ideas arise. I didn't really want to start a third blog, but after thinking over it a long while, I decided it was time. It made sense, I suppose, because I am officially out of school now. I am on my way into a new stage of life. The "real" world as most of us call it. Along with finding a job and trying to establish my career as an artist, comes the new world of marriage. In the midst of planning a wedding and getting more professionally organized, I must make time to breathe and to draw. To pray and to paint. To work hard, yet take the time to be inspired.

With that, I start this blog. To mark a new point in my life. Hence the title, which I also found other meanings in, which made it that much more appropriate to what it is intended for. It will be a recording of all my sketches and studies, and anything else I'm doing in between what major pieces I end up working on. Those pieces will more than likely end up in my portfolio, which can be found on my website.

I will be sketching as much as I can, for fear that I will get rusty. Constantly drawing I hope will keep my skills sharp. And to start things off right, the sketch above is one I did today sitting on my patio in the backyard.

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