Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ya Just Gotta Doodle Sometimes

My goal was to draw something everyday. So far, I haven't been as successful with that as I'd like to be. But the last couple of nights I made a point to doodle my guts out. Here are a couple of the sketchbook pages that I filled with whatever came to mind.

The first started with a study of the bones making up the shoulder area. I did end up digging out my anatomy book so that I could draw from it. I'd planned on doing more skeletal studies, until I realized I was to exhausted to focus. I continued the next night with a book of houses I bought from the music library's art book sale. I landed on some kind of English interior, and mimicked the fancy arched door in the room. Sketched Adam while he was falling asleep, his hand, and popped in some out-of-head doodles.

The second page was my attempt to be as loose and gestural and quick as possible. Some was out of my head, some was from life. I enjoyed myself, and I think I might look into this approach a little further.

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