Monday, June 8, 2009

New Favorite Flower: Columbine

I found this strange flower in my front yard last week. It's quite amazing, really. It's called a Columbine. Not sure where it got that name. It reminds me more of a dragon actually, the way the top pedals shoot back those long pieces like horns and the under pedals burst out underneath the top pedals. If I could name it, I'd call it something like "Dancing Dragon."

Anyway, today I set out to draw it. It was a beautiful day so I had no excuse not to. Lately I've been so busy with cleaning, job searching, and wedding planning that I just haven't had time to draw. But today was a rest day. I felt inspired to do studies of the flower first, like Leonardo Da Vinci. I also remembered doing tulip studies for Jeremiah Patterson my freshmen year at college, before starting our final drawings. I thought maybe he'd be proud if he saw me doing it on my own now, especially since I had hated drawing tulips over and over in his class. I suppose the repetition of subjects over the last few years has helped me build patience.

I eventually took pictures of flowers around my yard, including the Columbine, and did a watercolor this evening. This rendition does not do justice to the real flower. Its colors are much more brilliant and beautiful. This is officially one of my favorite flowers now.

You can also see these images on The Open Sketch Book Society.

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