Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Portrait: Mar

My sister's friend from out of state has been visiting for a couple weeks. I was in the mood to take some portrait photos last week so I took advantage of having company over. I shot pictures of my sister Emily, her out-of-state friend Mar, and her other friend whose name I do not recall at the moment.

Ever since I finished the silverpoint series of my other sister, Kaylee, I've missed doing portraits. This drawing was a nice break from the experimental stuff I've been doing. I did it in a couple hours. That's why I call it a quick portrait. Not as much time put into it as my more detailed renderings, so I suppose you could call it more of a sketch. Well, whatever you call it, I got my temporary portrait fix. I also printed her out a copy as a little gift from Connecticut. She was quite surprised and delighted.

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