Saturday, April 10, 2010

Playtime with Photoshop

I don't remember when I drew this exactly, but it must have been sometime after last October when we moved in. I know I was sitting at our picture window. Anyway, I rediscovered this little sketch the other night, and today I thought decided use it to play around with the Photoshop burn options.


  1. Ah, Photoshop. My sister's obsession. I never could figure out how to use it. :-) Glad to see you trying out programs and such, they can be such a great tool, you know? It will broaden your talents and sharpen them in a new way, even though you may want to pull your hair out when using them due to technical frustration. ;-)
    P.S~ I like Turtleneck Terry :-)

  2. Thanks, Lace! I'm slowly getting the hang of it. One thing at a time. It helps having some basic knowledge of the programs from school. I'm just very rusty.