Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Month of Anatomy Studies: A Week of Hands

January 1st - Friday

Radius and Ulna from Front

Radius and Ulna from Behind

Radius and Ulna Movement

These are bones of the forearm. I started with the forearm structure because it plays an important role in the movement of the hand at the wrist. So in a sense, I am also studying the forearm in addition to the hand, to better understand the hand.

January 2nd - Saturday

Right Hand from Dorsal View

I was going to officially start this project on Sunday since it's the first day of a full week. But I wanted to get a head start on this because I've been excited to begin this undertaking. And so I'm using the "extra" days beforehand to get a handle on some bone structure. I'm starting to wonder if a week will be enough time to pick apart the hand and practice it. Or any of the other parts of anatomy I want to study for that matter. So much to learn!

Also, I think I may start new subjects on Mondays, since it's the beginning of a work week. It would allow me to focus on something fresh, on an un-distracting day. Then I could continue into the weekend, and simultaneously prepare for the next subject during that weekend.

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