Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Week of Hands (continued)

I've been lazy about posting this week, but I have been keeping up with the hand studies. Still drawing everyday so far, since January 1st. I hope I can keep it up. The weekend may prove difficult though, since I will be away visiting family. I plan on bringing stuff to work on though, so maybe I can draw in the car on the way there.

Also, I should mention the book I've been using for anatomical reference (i.e. bone structure, etc.). All the drawings so far, except for the latest one from today (fleshed out hands), I have referenced from Stephen Peck's Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist. I highly recommend this book to all artists. It is a great resource, and I use it all the time.

Here are my sketches from the last few days. This time I'll post the new stuff first and go backwards.

Today, Wednesday, January 6th

I am very excited about how these came out, especially the hand that's hanging down. The yellowed one is from photographing under yellow lamps, before editing. I usually edit to black and white (as seen below) but I liked the look of this, too. I thought it gave a nice, old traditional look.

January 5th - Tuesday

January 4th - Monday

January 3rd - Sunday


  1. I love anatomy and I think these drawings are wonderful!! I can imagine them being real hands, you know? :-)


  2. *shivers* Something about skeletons creeps me out. Nothing against you though! I think the pieces are all great, as usual of course. Can't wait to see more!